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We are pleased to bring the 2012 NBER-NSF Time Series Conference to Texas A&M University. 

It is now possible for one to download onto a computer to print off a free doctors note. Sometimes people need to take a day or two off work to rest, recoup and catch their breath. The stresses of the workplace can be overwhelming.
However, going to an actual doctors office is time consuming and can be costly. Moreover, taking a day off work without the proper documentation can cost one his or her job. No one wants their job in danger or lose their job. So a doctors note is the only way to get a much needed break from the everyday stress.
Bosses are reluctant to give employees days off or time off work. This is because businesses lose income when employees are not in attendance. When employees are at work their work gets completed. Therefore, employees often fake illnesses using forms for work excuses printed at home.
The internet has a real template for sample work excuses and even a school excuse that can be used to fool a boss or supervisor. However, one must be careful when choosing a doctors form. The note must be recent and look like the same forms that your actual dr’s office uses. Look closely at the example first before you download or purchase any forms or template kits off the internet.
Furthermore, one should be careful when using a  doctors slip to take off work. Make sure that you do not over use the fake note. Do not take too many days off keep the amount of time reasonable 1-3 days is plenty of time to recoup.
Also you want to choose an illness that will get better within the 1-3 day time frame. Something such as a three day stomach bug or the dreaded diarrhea. Missing more than 1-3 days may need more physician note and make bosses think something is not right so be careful. Never use a hospital stay or any kind of illness that requires testing. This is easily checked at the local hospital and can get one into trouble.
Now websites offer real looking doctors note with specific diagnosis, dr. names and letter head. The doctor’s phone number for verification is also on the form. For a further small fee you can have this service verify the fake note for you.
Therefore, it is best to look for one of these types of websites that provides this extra service to ensure you job is safe. Today, it's hard to find employers with deep concern to their employees. Most of them thinks that since they're paying them accordingly, they have the right to demand them to work as slaves. The doctors excuse letter had gained popularity because of this reason. Employees tend to make their own excuses just to free some time for themselves.

It is not each day that many of us post a thanks a ton observe to a health professional. When we do, it gives him/her a feeling of satisfaction. Reasonable works of thankfulness such as this pass on bliss on the globe round us. and attracts leading researchers from around the world. It has been held annually since the late 1970s at universities in the United States, Asia and Europe.

Program Committee:

Mohsen Pourahmadi (TAMU Statistics)
Willa Chen (TAMU Statistics)
Marc Genton (TAMU Statistics)
Qi Li (TAMU Economics)
Richard Davis (Columbia University)
James Stock (Harvard University)
Ruey Tsay (University of Chicago) 

Local Organizing Committee:

Mohsen Pourahmadi (Chair)
Suhasini Subba Rao (TAMU Statistics)
Ke-Li Xu (TAMU Economics)
Please contact Elaine Washington with any administrative questions about the conference.


Conference Dates:

October 26-27, 2012

Conference Host:

Department of Statistics
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas 77843-3143 

Conference Location:
Hilton Hotel and Conference Center
801 University Drive East
College Station, Texas 77840-2116

Registration Deadline:

October 5, 2012


There are 0 spots left!

Registration is limited to the first 100 applicants.

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